Serviced Apartments & Studio Apartments FAQ                                               What about the security and privacy at The Waves? We are very concerned about your security and privacy. So every nook and corner of The Waves common areas are monitored by security cameras remotely and along with this their is 24hrs manned security on the premiss. As an added security feature All our   rooms are equiped with electronic locker with your own pin number. Coming to privacy all rooms at Waves have no common walls.   It means each room is not connected to another room. So their is absolutely total privacy for you.  How much do I pay to make the booking? You pay nothing while booking. It means you can book and alter a booking as per your convenience. Deposits are taken only   during check-in time and the rest during the check-out time. For long stays billing is done weekly. All payments can be made by   cash or card. What are the check-in and check-out times at The Waves? Many hotels and serviced apartments in Bangalore have specific hours for guest check-in despite the fact that travel schedules   and arrival times don’t always coincide with those narrow windows. How frustrating it would be to arrive at your destination in   the middle of the night ,only to find no staff was available to check you in. Luckily for those travelling to Bangalore The Waves   provides 24hrs check-in. This means you can check-in and check-out at your convenience. A grace period of one hour excess is given for check-out. Charges are per day basis only. What does this mean? All charges are per day basis only. This means, if you are going to stay for one day and check-in at 2PM in the evening then your   entitled to stay till 2PM the next day. You are charged for this period of 24hrs.   How accurate are availability calenders? We cannot currently show online availability, but when you make a booking or reservation request we will double check availability   before confirming back to you. You should never assume that an apartment is booked for you until you receive confirmation from   us. Once the booking is done we will certainly hold the booking for you. In case of any circumstances of non-availability of your   confirmed booking we will surely compensate you with one days rent and will also find you an accommodation with our partners.   This is our promise.  Who will meet us on arrival at the premises? When you book we will ask you your anticipated arrival time in order that we can arrange for a greeter to be expecting you. In   most cases you can proceed directly to the front desk, to pick up the keys. We will also provide you with full details and telephone   numbers of where to go and what to do. This will be supplied to you in a confirmation e- mail after you book.   © 2011 THE WAVES SERVICED APARTMENTS