Serviced Apartments & Studio Apartments FAQ                                               Do you have an airport pick-up and drop? We can certainly help you with airport pick-up and drop for an extra charge. We have different vehicles and the prices vary according   to the vehicle. We would request you to confirm airport pick-up at least 48hrs in advance. A chauffeur along with a ply card with your  name on it will be at the airport for your pick-up.  What if I don't like the apartment when I arrive? Please call us immediately. We want everyone to be happy with their chosen accommodation. For that reason we provide photos   in the gallery page and an honest, accurate description to ensure that you know what you are booking. There should be no   surprises when you arrive. If you have reasonable concerns or doubts about your accommodation we will try to deal with them or  accommodate you elsewhere subject to availability. If you choose not to take the apartment for reasons that we consider to be   unreasonable then the cancellation policy will apply.  Can I bring my bicycle, bike or car? Of course you can bring them. You have ample car parking in all premises. Our security personal will help you with the parking. Are there extra charges for electricity or water? There are no additional charges for electricity or water. Separate allowances should be made for telephone calls, subject to GST.  What is the minimum stay? There is no minimum or maximum stay requirements. Stay can vary from one night to many months. Bookings are subject to availability.   Do the premises provide wheel-chair access? All our premises are disabled friendly and you have wheel-chair access. you can access all floors through the lift. What types of clients does The Waves - Luxury Living serve? The Waves - Luxury living serves hundreds of business travelers, expatriates and contractors every week, plus organizations including   officials, military, entertainment industry, small and mid-sized businesses, professional sport teams, leisure travelers, seniors and more.  What about pets and smoking? We are extremely sorry to say that our premiss are not pet friendly so there will be no pets allowed. Regarding smoking, we have   a very few smoking rooms on our premises. We would request you to please acknowledge regarding your preference of smoking to the front desk while booking your room. Also we have smoking zones specially for smokers on our premises.  If you have any additional questions, please write to us. it is your right to ask and our responsibility to answer. E-mail your questions to   © 2011 THE WAVES SERVICED APARTMENTS